5 Ways to Fall in Love With the Bible

Hey there my friends!! 
i know I've been a little MIA on here the past few months but I'm Back! lolol
I want to share with you have w I fell in love with reading the Bible.
Okay let me start with my morning  routine. I try and get up at 6:30 every morning. (Note I say try because most mornings whatever   Incentive I have to get up seems no longer relevant compared to my nice warm bed. ) sad but true. After I crawl out of bed I usually make myself a cup of coffee ☕️ or fresh mint tea cause ITS THE BEST. Then since it’s summer I settle myself down on my front porch, dive into the word. 
that's it. so simple. 

But what Joy is  found in the presence of God!

see for to long i had looked at reading the bible as a chore, something to check off in order to have a good day. its mearly something that has to get done. and my friend when you view reading God's word that way you will struggle to make the time. 
im not presuming to know all the shortcuts to drawing closer to God. But see that's the beauty of the Bible. there is no "right" way to have a relationship with God. Honestly we are always changing, and so will our time with the Lord. So, wherther your just starting out, trying to get back into the loop, our just looking for a change, here are.


if your anything like me that's one of the things that i struggle a lot with. lists, planning, scheduled are all very strange words to me. Id be more than happy to  throw everything into a bag and head off on a last minuet trip with a few of my friends. i love that! 
SO I've had to really work on setting a consistent time with Jesus. even if that means getting up earlier in the morning. See my friends here's the thing. WE NEED TO PUT JESUS FIRST.  First above everything else because He is the most important thing in our lives.  So make a date with God, what could be more important. Go to a coffee shop grab a cup of coffee & dive into the word. if your in the country like i am, find a field, pack a basket and enjoy!

The Bible is not just a book. It’s Holy, it’s inspired! This is no ordinary story!! within these pages are the key to life! the key to living a victorious life! don't breeze through it. let the beautiful truth transform your heart through soft, thoughtful intake.

It’s okay.  It’s OK to not feel like reading your Bible. There’s no shame in that, God meets us where we are and we need to be honest with him. So ask him to change you. Ask him to change your mindset. He will!! You are so precious to Him. But that doesn’t mean that you  and just sit back and wait for God. No, seek Him! 

When I say be in love with Jesus I don’t mean  an emotion . I don’t mean this constant high.
 Love is deeper than an emotion. Love is deeper than a feeling. It’s trusting, hoping, loving unconditionally, relying, communicating. It’s knowing deep within your soul that He will never leave you or forsake You!  It’s abiding and his constant love.  It’s spending time with him. talking to him. crying out to him praising him!
It’s taking all your worries, all your fears, all of your problems,  and giving them to Jesus. 
Taking them  to the foot of the cross.

if your reading and get super confused don't be afraid to find a translation that you like and can understand! also a fantastic app that i am loving right now is the Blue Letter Bible. its amazing for in depth study, reading plans, and a ton of other cool things!

SO there you have it friends, 5 ways to fall in love with the Bible. i am still far from perfect. i mess up all the time, still im striving to grow and mature in my relationship with God and that can only happen by reading the word and steadfast prayer!

You got this my friend, so dust off your bible case and dive in! what are you waiting for?

if you have any questions please let me know in the comments below :) :)


April Monthly Post

Anyone ready for some sporadic things?!?! K K 
HERE WE GO......

walking out the lane with the sis, listing to music and singing at the top of our lungs.
dang guys the older i get the faster life flies by. remember when we were kids and summer seemed to be infinity. i wanna go back to those days.

Its still coldish at night, but despite the cold we had a campfire. which was fantastic! perfect way to end the day 10/10 recommend this!

 its finally 60 degrees.
Me: Summer is HERE!" automatically  puts ALL of my jackets away.
next day.
"Oh look its snowing."

     apparently its spring everywhere else but where I live. 
picture above is my grandpas lane. there are still no leaves on the trees where i live.... so yeah. lolol

Spent last week in PA with some of my family. it was a lovely time, 3 hour coffee shop conversations with the cousins about trips

ME AT 11:30 PM "Sara i think its time for Tea." 

also if any of you have favorite Tea blends that you love PLEASE please let me know. 
i'm kind of obsessed with tea right now. lolol. currently my personal fav (other than fresh mint from the garden) has been the hot cinnamon sunset for target! guyss its amazing! do yourself a favor and get some.

working in the garden again!!!!honestly is there anything as peaceful and de-stressing than this!?!?!

Waves by Dean Lewis//Majesty by Micheal W. Smith// Needtobreath's acoustic album// have been played SO many times this month.

also i may have binge watch the entire first two seasons of Riverdale. yeah it was pretty intense... lol

I've been reading through the New Testament this year. Ya'll its been so so so good! currently i'm reading in 1 Corinthians.  
I've been reading about God's Wisdom and Holy Spirit. amazing!
God has given us (His children) the gift of the Holy Spirit, to guide, lead, and direct us in the path of Righteousness. Isn't that Amazing!! what a magnificent Father we have!

  • seriously going to say this again BUT WARM WEATHER. it was a long winter folkes. 
  • All the campfire feels!
  • Also bring on the Iced coffee. 
  • So i discovered Riverdale & now im kind of obsessed with it tbh. its so good. I'm not a huge lover of Drama but THIS show is fantastic!
  • I read 3 books this month that i LOVED!

So that pretty much sums up my month.



Hey Again!

hey friends,  i know I've been MIA on here a bit but honestly life has been a bit crazy, andd maybe iv'e just procrastinated trying to sort out my thoughts..
okay im going to jump right into what i want to say to you all today.

contentment in my dreams. 
is that a weird way to put it? maybe, but that's kind of how i feel about it rn.
let me be completely honest with you all for a second.  its hard for me sometimes to look at people on social media and see what they’ve accomplished & not feel suddenly inadequate at the place I am in my life right now. 

okay. that's the lie Satan wants me to believe.
Here's the truth 

 By comparing myself to someone I don’t even know, I end up becoming more discontent and unhappy.
what I really think has to change is the way we look at others. Instead of feeling sorry for ourselves that we haven’t accomplished what the other person has or reached the same level as them. 
Let’s look to our own journey let’s look to what God has for each and every one do instead of looking to others and being envious of them. spend your time and energy cultivating your own dream or vision. At least I know that something I have to do on a continual basis. 

hey kid, God Knows you.
HE created you! those dreams you have, He's the one who placed them in your heart!