Hey kid, let’s celebrate 

Heyyyy all. I miss you.

I’m driving home today (as I write this) from one of my many cousins weddings  & I’ve just been thinking about how amazing it is to be surrounded by people you love celebrating a beautiful event. We had so much fun simply talking and laughing together. Seeing cousins and fam I hadn’t seen in months. Oh and I PRACTICALLY DRANK COFFEE ALLL WEEKEND so there’s that too. It was so renewing to have late night  laughter and conversations and just get caught up on each others lives. ALSO I HAD BUBBLE TEA FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. (btw it was delicious) 
I came away with a full heart and a joyful spirit. And so thankful for the memories I’ve made.

  But I’ve been thinking how I want to celebrate people on a daily basis. Notice the little things. Simple things. Coming and praying along side someone . Take time out of your life and spend it with a friend. These soul moments are the times you will remember and cherish for the rest of your life, I promise xxxx

ps. How do you relate? What joyful moments have experienced recently?


Three War Romance Clichés That Get Old   


In the past few years I’ve become a lot more particular with the Romance books I read. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing I like better than sitting down and reading a good novel. (although they seem harder and harder to find)
 I love War stories, the bravery and strength that the people who lived through and experienced such atrocities and yet can somehow still survive is interesting to me. 
It’s been hard finding authors that don’t over romanticize these stories though. i mean like really hard.
What draws me to A book and captivate my soul is the rawness. The anguish. The utter desolation of hope. The sorrow of losing someone you deeply love. I could never imagine going through one of these, but all of them within a couple of years. I get that theses aren't pleasant things but it is real. there's not always a happy ending. The couple doesn't always get to ride off onto the sunset together. Its just not like that. 
War is not beautiful. It’s not romantic. It’s often, blood, pain, tears. Mothers waiting at home waiting for sons and husbands never to come home. Sweethearts knowing that they’ll somehow have to reconstruct their life without the one that made their life sparkle. 
Obviously I know nothing of war. But come on, the guys don’t always come home. The ending for most isn’t perfect. ALSO WHY ARE THERE WAY MORE WW2 BOOKS THAN WW1.. I can’t even.. 
okay so now that im done ranting talking lets get down to the three cliches. 

1) the Hero
This is generally the guy (not always tho) but it doesn’t matter. Also why is everyone a pilot?!? It’s not like there was any other jobs in the military. Often in a lot of books every single chapter builds up to one pivotal seen, and almost every single time you can guess the ending. There is no surprises. Everything is alway the same. This is just my personal opinion but wouldn’t it be so much more interesting if the main characters weren’t always the same. 

2) does everything ALWAYS have to turn out perfectly ?!?! lolol Don’t get me wrong. I hate when someones significant other gets killed. but War is not beautiful. It’s not romantic. It’s blood, pain, tears. Mothers waiting at home waiting for sons and husbands never to come home. Sweethearts knowing that they’ll somehow have to reconstruct their life without the one that made their life sparkle. 
Obviously I know nothing of war. But come on, the guys don’t always come home. 
3) Life does not go on as usual. You can’t just pick up where you left off. You can’t have gone off to the war without becoming a different person. There is no way  that someone who has seen the level of bloodshed as a soldier on the front would have experienced could walk away from something like that with no emotional baggage.. yeah I don’t think so.  I can only imagine how difficult it must be to try and fit back into society when your entire self has changed. 

While it’s true that I do like sad books a lot, it doesn’t mean that i always want the main characters to die, although I have seen some books that have soon it well.Everyone is going to like different books and authors. Although I do like a happy ending just as much as the rest of you. My point is that, that’s not always how life is. 
Would I loveeee every single book on your shelf? Probably not. And same goes for my books.  I love how two people who read the same book can come away with a completely different opinion.  Because how boring would it be if we all liked and disliked the same people. 
Thanks for reading :) 

So what do you think? Do any of these cliches drive you crazy? Or have you seen any examples of these cliches that you enjoy?


Why is it that we always compare ourselves to others. often People use the phrase “be original” or just “be yourself

 but who am I? What am I? 

Some days I feel like a strong valiant woman, capable of taking the world on. And then I am around someone who is so much more bold, fearless and confident than me.. and the doubt and unworthiness comes back like an unwanted friend. 

Confidence is something that can not be “gained” by being like others. You can’t try and mold yourself to peoples personality’s. It’s so easy to compare and feel less than and inadequate. 
I’ve struggled with this quite a lot. 
The feeling or pressure to “be a certain way” or act differently. To be STRONG, and Know exactly what I want in life.. my beliefs, be  different and bold. 

I don’t really have words to tell you how to change or stop these feeling. Because often I don’t know myself. I just want to tell you that you ARE strong, you are courageous and fearless. 
Your Strength, Courage, and Bravery is beautiful. But It’s uniquely your own. We are all strong. Just in different ways. So why try and measure up to someone else's personality. 

There will always be people who’s vibrant and outgoing zeal can intimidate you. Just stop. Have courage in who God created you to be. 

ps. also look up the song THIS IS ME, From the movie The Greatest Showman