What is life to me?

Life to me is my friends, life to me is late night car rides, the windows rolled down and the music loud. Laughing because your so tired that everything is funny. Iced cream on a hot day. Wearing my favorite overall dress. Listening to For King and Country on repeat. Unashamedly knowing all of For King and Country’s  songs by heart. Overeating on watermelon. Life to me is last minuet trips to the beach. Sleeping in the back of a van with your cousins & not caring that it’s not the most comfy place because your together. It’s getting to hold my newest baby sister for the first time. Life to me is having people think that my sister and I are twins. Coffee at the greenhouse. Working in my garden. Hot summer days. Fresh mint tea. its wearing my Birkenstock EVERYWHERE i go.


It’s unashamedly proclaiming that I   L O V E Jesus with all my heart. Sunsets, long talks with my bestie, reminiscing about the good old days, reading a book that makes you want to cry. Trying to keep my succulents alive. It’s talking to my mom and realizing what a powerful & wise woman she is. It’s “I love you’s” and “I miss you’s”. Seeing friends again. Wild and crazy moments where people question my sanity. Life to me is the early misty mornings. Smelling fresh cut hay. Laughing at something my little sibling said to me. It’s having incredible conversations about HIM that leave you inspired and convicted. Giving my All to Him and knowing that He is enough. No. Matter. What. It’s Sunday morning church. Praising Jesus. Heartfelt prayers & feeling the Holy Spirit. 

Life to me is trying my best to inspire all I encounter and hoping to pull greatness out of someone along the way. This is life to  me. Life to me is loving and being loved


other than living in complete denial that June is over, its been a quite fantastic month
I jumped off the docks out by the water and it was FANTASTIC

spent the day out on the river. best thing everrrrr

took my three youngest siblings to the beach & proseded to spend the next 4 hours chasing my two year old sister around. Also like Mothers are amazing! I honestly don’t know how they do it all..

its been in the 90's for the past week.. SOOOO ive been drinking iced coffee and more iced coffee
I started a Instagram account for my Bible journaling :)

I was driving the other day & the sun was shinning, windows open, the smell of fresh cut hay (aka heaven) was in the air, joy by For King and Country was loudly playing & and i wished i could capture the beauty and summerness of that moment. I just felt like YESSSS SUMER IS HEREEEEEEE

I Graduated Highschool #tryingtoadultnow 
Sent my last test papers into Abeka!!! *loudly proclames no more school*

I went to Delaware beach the other week with some friends :) we walked around the little towns and watched the sunrise on the beach! DUDEEEEE  we stopped at this TEA shop & i bought Jasmine and Chi tea XD XD

i also read some amazing books  XD 

The Tangled Web by L.M. Montgomery 

Magic for Marigold L.M. Montgomery 

Through Waters Deep By Sarah Sundin 

Blue Skies Tomorrow by Sarah Sundin 
Hidden Places by Lynn Austin 
When The Tide Turns by Sarah Sundin 




Oh thou Vintage Soul
Small, Tiny, beautiful moments
I dont Dance- Blog tour


HOW did your June go? did if fly by like mine + favorite thing abou summer. 



the warmest season of the year, in the northern hemisphere from June to August and in the southern hemisphere from December to February.
"the plant flowers in late summer"
synonyms: summertime, warm season, hot season; dog days
"going to Prince Edward Island for the summer"

7 Reasons I Love Summer Best

Reason Number 1.ITS WARM OUTSIDE.. no more winter coats and boots! also getting to go barefoot *foreverrrrrr* 

 Reason Number 2. 
Going to the River!!! a thousand heart eyes!!! there is nothing more beautiful than swimming in the cool, clear ST Lawrence River.  

Reason Number 3. 
Gardening XD...I  absolutely adore working in the garden... Other than being able to get my hands in the dirt, its also amazing to grow ALL the wonderful vegetables. guyss i have so many tomatoes this year <3

Reason number 4. 
i legit could eat watermelon every single day.. "Happiness is cold watermelon on a hot day". random fact. my grandpa runs a garden center & ALWAYS had tons of fresh fruit and veggies galore... & that love of all tings fruit got passed on to the kids, and grand kids (MEEEE) also another random fact 10 out of 11 of my grandpas kids have a garden center/ produce business.

Reason Number 5. 
the smell of fresh cut hay. need i say more??

Reason Number 6. 
farmers tans. lets just all agree right now that the deathly pale/almost-blending-into-the-snow-look kind of sucks. (at least for me cause i live in a state that snows in April.. April!) So i welcome whole heartedly the healthy brown arms and sun-kissed summer face.XD XD XD

Annndddd last but most defiantly not least... i give you...
Reason Number 7
I find it incredibly amazing how ever sunset, the sky is a different shade. No cloud is ever in the same place. Each day is a new masterpiece An new wonder. A new memory.

So guys go outside tonight, take a book & blanket and go watch the sunset (if your me and can’t/won’t wake up at 5:30 to see the sunrise) 
Or sunrise, and just enjoy the summer cause it won’t last forever.  

///hair gets lighter. days get longer, life gets better, watermelon gets eaten. Gardens grow. Beach days. Farmers tans\\\

What is your favorite season?? + like legit most awesome thing to do in the summer XD XD