Random thoughts/current book obsession

Happy weekend  lovelies....  Let me warn you  today is going to be a bit of a ramble. I just put together a few things that have been on my mind /what i have been reading/some of my favorite bookish quotes/a few other ideas that came to me. Also can we just take a moment a agree that weekends are fantastic!! Especially when you have school five other days out of the week. But Guys this is my last year of high school and I could not be more stoked. Although I'm not quit sure what I'm going to after I've  finished. Right now I don't have any plans to attend Collage since I don't have a specific subject that I want to study for. But you never know what God will have for me in the future. And that's just part of this journey we call life.   _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ MY RANDOM THOUGHTS I'm going to start with something that I have been contemplating for a few days and no…

Beautiful YOU

While I am not a huge fan of Sadi Robertson, I think this is something that
Every girl should..... no needs to hear!!

《 Janelle 》

The Screwtape Letters

C.S.Lewis was brilliant.  I mean who doesn't like Narnia and has/had wished at least once in your life that you could have been Peter, Edmond, Susan or Lucy. Am I right!   If I could go back in time, Or like even in the imagination Station  (for those who don't know what an imagination Station is please listen to Adventures in Odyssey) anyway what was i talking about? Time travel? oh yes that's right... sometimes I get a bit distracted.. SO If I could go back in time and meet someone it would be C.S.Lewis or L.M.Montgomery.  actually I would meet both of  them. I could never chose between the two... like they are literally my FAVORITE authors ever, hands down. Ok  back to gushing about C.S.Lewis. Honestly this man had so much wisdom and passion for Christ! Every time I read one of his books I feel as though I am soaking up words of wisdom. *side note I think I just about used all the ink up from my pen, underlining my favorite lines in the Screw Tape Letters * (Scratch t…

Lets talk Authors

So as the title suggest this post is going to be about (you'll never guess) an Author. But not just any author. This Author is amazing, *BE Warned* once you pick up her books you will not be able to put them down. Full of heartbreak, and trials her stories will bring tears to your eyes, or if your like me, its more like a river of tears. But don't worry its not all sad. There are moments where you will be laughing along side of the characters, smiling when they smile, rejoicing when they rejoice, crying when they cry, exc. Actully pretty much every emotion that you've ever felt. SO whose ready to see who this fantastic Author is??? (Oh wait quick side note. Once a month I'm going to write a blog post focusing on one author in particular) And now back to this months author.
(Drum roll please) Andddd the Author of this weeks post is........

(My Shortish bio of her works)

Mildred DeLois Taylor is an African-American writer known for her works e…

Goodbye July...... Hello August

Do any of you get the feeling as though the warm, lazy days of summer are nearing to a close!? I mean how is that even possible? I don't know about you but I'm not ready to give up my flip flops for socks and shoes  quite yet. Or the amazing summer days for cold snowy ones. And should I mention ALL the fresh fruit that I've been stuffing my face with.
OK in all honesty, I do love winter and all of the hot coffee and skating parties that come with it. But when you live in a state that has -40° half of the winter it starts to feel a little bit as though summer will never come again.  But we shall not dwell on that right now because the sun is shining and its a beautiful day.
So finally we come to the part where I stop complaining about the end of summer and instead give you some of my favorite summer reads.
Are you ready?? *claps hands together excitedly*
but first a quote that I want to share with you.
"The best moments in reading are when you come across something- a t…

Lets Talk Old Books

I love books in general BUT I think in my heart of hearts I love old books the best. You see to me old books have a story that no other books can have until they themselves become worn and frayed from being read hundreds of times. maybe there are tear stains (like most of my books) or the faint outline of a pressed flower.  You see what I'm trying to say is that old books have been loved. Loved for generations. They have character. Have you ever wondered as you held and old book in your hand who else read the same pages? I have. Sometimes I let my imagination run wild, and I think of all the places my book could have been...  Perhaps they were held by someone who treasured that book because of the person who gave it to them. Maybe it was picked up in a small bookshop and carried to far away places. I do not know. But isn't that part of the charm that old books have upon us. Its as if they have had a whole other life that we can only dream and wonder what they were.
And now he…

July Reads

OK first of all can you believe that its actually July ????? (shakes head in disbelief) And yes I do realize that its the 11th already BUT I thought I would go ahead and write about my July reads/goals.

1.The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens  by, Sean Covey 
I haven't started this book yetbut I can not wait to read it! I mean couldn't we all be more Effective and productive people??? at least I know I can be! And the way I look at it is I want to fill my mind  with knowledge, and what better way to do that than by reading? :)

2. A Brush of Wings By, Karen Kingsbury
So I already read this book and oh my stars it was AMAZING. (As are all of her books)
Its the last book in her series 'Angeles Walking' guyysss  you know the feeling of when you come to the end of a book and you read really, really, (like a snail)  slow so the book will last longer. Well this is that kind of a book! Ok I'll stop gushing about it.... for now.

3. The Book of Romans (from the Bible)