Okay so whose ready for a photo dump? no srly i took about 1000 pictures. so i am putting only my absolute favorites on here. lolol

i was in Central America for two weeks in January with 4 of my cousins. we had an incredible time together. so much laughter and good times. guys i know I've said this before but.... 

we literally bused everywhere. i got to see a new part of CA that i haven't explored before. there's this one city had this colonial Spanish feel to it! we went up into the mountains one day. i mean wayy up, searching for coffee. it was an incredible experience. pretty much everything about this trip was amazing. 
 fun fact. when i was ten my family actually lived in Central America for 3 months. 

in some ways it feels like a second home (other than the fact that my Spanish is terrible) everything is so familiar to me. the sights and sounds, all the different food that i crave like coconut water.

This church was built in 1200. And is one of the oldest in the world!Isn’t that cool!


We spent two days out by the beach snorkeling in the Caribbean. SO incredibly beautiful. 

this  probably my favorite coffee shop I've ever been too. their coffee is so good words can not begin to describe. lolol the Dirty Chi is out of this world amazing! And the mint Latte is to die for. 

If you have never eaten street tacos WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH YOUR LIFE.. seriously all I’ve been doing is stuffing my face with this incredible food!

 ALSO green mangos with salsa are unbelievably yummy. Just saying. And yes this post is mostly about food. 🙈 and coconut water. FRESH COCONUT WATER. 

I might do another post about what 
i experienced on this trip, and my 
thoughts on traveling. idk

also im home now and my suitcases still need to be unpacked. oh. and its -10 outside SO YEAH THERE'S THAT 
But guys life is so wonderful. and just the simple fact of coming home after an adventure and that feeling of this is where i belong. there's nothing like it.

PS. how are you my friend? 
what 3 things make you happy??
Favorite Photo??


  1. Those taco's look amazing!!! Loved seeing these pictures of your Adventure! <3

  2. Ok this looks so amazing like WHAT EVEN..... Wish I had family there lol soooooooooo beautiful xxx

    1. ughh it was lovely!
      yesssss im so glad i have Family that lives down there!!

  3. Ah, so many memories from Mexico and Grenada come back! Snorkeling in the Caribbean is unbeatable. Like that clear blue water? Yes please. Take me backkkkk.
    Your photos are amazing as always + it looks like such a wonderful trip! I am hoping for a post with more pictures! :D

    1. Oh OH OH Mexico sounds amazing!
      YES there's nothing like snorkeling in the Caribbean!
      Aw thankssss it was an amazing trip!!

  4. This is like so awesome girl!! Glad you had a great time!!😉 This gives me an ex to go vist family that I've never even seen in my life Lol😂 can't wait to hear more about your trip!❤

  5. Oh my gosh. fresh coconut water is the absolute best thing in the world!
    i love all your pictures!!! looks like you had an amazing time! i would love to travel with my fam sometime!
    OHHH and waterfall like WOW Just WOW!

    1. okay.yes. COCONUT WATER is LIFEEE!!! lol
      thanks so much friend!

  6. Oh oh OH your pictures look so lovely!


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